Donna Wilcox of Simple Living BC

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Donna Wilcox of SIMPLE LIVING,

Live Simply! Enjoy Life!

That’s my motto. I am a professional home and office organizer. I have a passion for clearing clutter, getting organized, and creating beautiful spaces. I love helping clients get control of their surroundings, so they can truly relax, enjoy their homes, and get on with living their lives.

Whether we tackle one closet, or an entire house, I work alongside clients, helping and supporting them through the de-cluttering and organizing process. I have an eye for good design, and it is so satisfying to help clients create order and beauty in a living space that works for them.

I service Kelowna and the Okanagan area, and offer free consultations, as well as custom packages, tailored to each client’s specific needs. My goal is for every client to be delighted with the end result!

Presentation: April 8, 2020