Okanagan Business Referral Group (#1) was founded in 1999 by a small group of dedicated business professionals with a goal to create a strong core of businesses that would refer clients and friends to each other.

The original formula has been a huge success and today our group is 40+ members strong, making OBRG (#1) one of the oldest and most productive referral groups in the area. It is not unusual for our group to surpass 50 referrals per meeting!

We meet Wednesday mornings at the Kanata Hotel from 6:50am to 8:30am where we share breakfast, referrals, business and personal stories, all with the sole purpose of helping each others’ businesses grow. **Due to COVID restrictions, we are currently meeting over Zoom. 

As an exclusive referral group we allow only one member per profession (non-competing business areas), so meetings are relaxed - yet focused on results. The strength of the group is the commitment of all members to serve and support each other through word of mouth referrals that really work.