Leif Scott of Sun Valley Cycle Repair

250-859-6070[email protected]www.sunvalleycyclerepair.com

Doorstep service! Bicycle repair and accessories at your home, work or wherever you are!

Sun Valley Cycle Repair provides bicycle repair service at your doorstep and on your schedule. We are available not only during regular business hours but also on weekends and evenings, whether you need your bicycle repaired at home, work or on the side of the road, we can accommodate. With service at the location of your choice you will save time by not driving to the local bike store to drop your bike off, wait one to three weeks and drive back to pick it up. This also saves the cost and inconvenience of driving, assuming you have a vehicle that can transport bikes. Book your service time and lounge around your pool, mow your lawn, or continue on with your work day, Sun Valley Cycle Repair will be there to get you rolling again.

Leif Scott has been providing mobile bicycle repair service since 1988.

To book your service call (250) 859-6070 or visit www.sunvalleycyclerepair.com

Presentation: October 31, 2019