Shayla McLean of Orthoquest Pedorthics and RehabilitationMembership Coordinator

250-448-5908[email protected]

Shayla is Orthoquest's lead footwear specialist and digital marketing guru

At Orthoquest we offer a wide variety of products and services aimed at helping our clients Move Well, Be Well.
We have Certified Pedorthists' who specialize in making custom foot orthotics and are trained in assessing biomechanics of the lower extremities, fit custom shoes and Ritchie braces.

In addition to our retail shoe store, which has a great selection of supportive and orthotic friendly footwear, we also carry a wide variety of products aimed at helping customers live a healthy and active lifestyle such as over the counter insoles, over the counter braces, compression socks and various myofascial release tools.

Presentation: March 25, 2020