Sonja Riediger of Sonja's VisionPast President

250-808-9813[email protected]

"Where design takes shape for you"

I am a designer for custom made high quality and distinctive jewellery, living and working in charming Kelowna, located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.

I use magnificent precious and semi-precious gemstones, sourced from all over the world, together with gold and sterling silver components to create unique and captivating pieces for women extraordinaire (which we all are).

My passion for designing and creating high quality jewellery started to come to the surface over 18 years ago.

I have always loved exquisite jewellery (and fashion for that matter). The uniqueness of one-of-kind jewellery holds a special appeal for me. 

My keen eye for details, such as colours and textures and my passion and intuition to design and create pieces of wearable art make my jewellery very distinct.

All designs are one of a kind and exclusive.
I also design new jewellery made with and out of your “old” jewellery.

Presentation: October 23, 2019