Adam Bernard of Dynamic Edge Physiotherapy

250.448.9097 [email protected]

Kelowna's Client- Centered Physiotherapist

Adam is a registered physiotherapist and has been practicing since 2008. He recently opened Dynamic Edge Physiotherapy and applies a client-centered approach in his practice.

Since graduating, Adam has continued his education, taking extensive training in orthopaedics, sports injuries, vestibular rehab, and IMS. Some of the more common issues he treats include osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, sprains/strains, nerve pain, sciatica, vertigo, and more. The focus of his care is not just the treatment of the injury/condition; he also puts emphasis on education, assisting patients to understand their injury and helping them to resume their everyday activities.

He leads a very active lifestyle and sport is a major part of his life, especially running, biking, weight lifting, and snowboarding.

Presentation: October 2, 2019